‘Tis the Season

by Lorinda Turley

Our home transforms into a Christmas wonderland the day after Thanksgiving as we don the tree and trimmings.  Our children’s anticipation buzzes as the magical sound of the Carpenters Christmas fills the air.

My smile broadens as their excitement revolves around our nativity collection.

M & I were eager to unpack each one and find the perfect place to set it while E, R & J’s only desire was to play with them.  Thankfully, I was able to appease them all.  The little ones played with our plastic toy nativity as the older ones worked with the more fragile scenes.

This morning I noticed R, our 3-year-old daughter, reverently run her finger over baby Jesus.  Later it was E, our 4-year-old daughter and then little J, our 3-year-old son.

Each, in their own way and in their own moment, approached a more fragile nativity with a slow softness.  Their innocent reverence was profound.

As we approach the hustle and bustle of this holiday, may we remember to exhibit a “slow softness” toward the reason for this season.