The Catch-All

by Lorinda Turley

I strive to be a person of order, a zealot of sorts, and fair rather well in the uphill battle of our home (no doubt because of my zealot-like tendencies).   Yet this spot has been my nemesis.


This bit of our kitchen countertop is our family’s catch-all.

At any given moment you will find a week to a month worth of mail, school papers, art projects, crayons, markers, watercolors, paint brushes, play jewelry, Legos, coins, remotes, hair accessories, nail clippers (except when you actually need them), vitamins, medicines.  You name it and most likely it has found its spot…right here!


For over a year I have wanted this piece from Ballard Design to generate order.


Unfortunately, it seemed expensive for its purpose.  Where I loved the idea of an immediate fix, I decided I would try to manage it in different ways.

I tried pails to hold loose items.  I tried a mini Lazy Susan with the pails.  I tried neat piles.  I tried putting it into the drawer in front of our computer so it wasn’t out in the open.


So this week my immediate fix arrived.  Only time will tell…but what I have found is that there is a place for EVERYTHING!  Which makes it so much easier to keep it orderly.


C’s comment was “wow…it’s much bigger than I pictured.”   It is large, but we need large to accommodate all that our family has going on!

Ahhh…order at last…one zealot is smiling!