My Favorite Things

by Lorinda Turley

Giggles from children and friendships of dear ones.  Organized spaces and beautiful places.  Amazon Prime shipping all of my needs…these are a few of my favorite things!

Okay…not as good as Julie Andrews…but absolute truth for my life!

A smile comes as I hear my children laugh & play with one another.  Comfort is felt as I talk with a dear friend.  Sanity gained when a space is organized.  Eye candy enjoyed as I view a beautiful room.  Shopping with 5 of the 6 of our children…or Amazon Prime…not a hard choice!

Favorite things are important to bring perspective back to a gloomy day.

So I have to share one of my recent favorite things that happened last week and each time I step into it…I smile!

An organized master bedroom closet…ooo-la-la!  (hee, hee)

C and I have allowed our shared closet to be another catch-all in our home.  And because it is out of sight from everyone but us, we allow it to grow exponentially.

Over the holidays it got to a point where we could hardly walk in because of the need for gift storage.

While C will attest to its disorderly appearance, he vehemently states that he knew exactly where everything was.


I am grateful that he agreed to a MUCH needed change.

A few weeks ago I called The Container Store with the dimensions of our closet.  We discussed our specific needs and they sent, via email, their design.  After a bit of fine-tuning we had exactly what I wanted.

It was installed last week and the Hallelujah chorus resonated in my mind 🙂


Today has been a bit of a gloomy day and as I was getting ready for bed the thought popped into my head “a few of my favorite things”.

So I will affirm “when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.”

(if you are wondering…yes, I listened to the song as I wrote this post)