A First Date Poll

by Lorinda Turley


After my post on our first date, found here, C felt I should share the truth.  His opinion is that it was our second date.

 I now seek your opinion.

If it is helpful, C is currently out of the country with limited internet access, so there is no pressure for you to feel the need to support him.

While I have begun this lightheartedly, it is a heartfelt story that I am blessed to have.

A few months into my separation, I began to attend the Washington, D.C. Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints every Saturday evening to participate in its final, 8 p.m., worship service.

 If you are not a member of my faith, a temple is our sanctuary and you can find more information about it here.

I know this is where I began to heal and rebuild my sense of self-worth.

Within its four walls God’s love for me was tangible.  I yearned to feel loved, to feel special and here, in this magnificent edifice, I did.

These Saturday evenings were precious.

 It was nearly 6 months into these regular visits when my divorce was final and I felt a hint of desire to date again.

My sights were set on a specific gentleman whom I had regularly seen in the temple.  He volunteered for the final Saturday evening shift.

Again, I was beyond scared.  So my dear, married, friend did the investigative work for me.  She involved a few other volunteers on the same temple shift.

He was, in fact, single and open to taking a single mother of two out on a date.

My phone number was passed along through these “back channels” and I was told he would call.


As I anxiously awaited a phone call, I became friends with another volunteer at the temple, a single woman.

She rode to and from the temple with a different single male volunteer.

Our friendship grew and she invited me to get a bite to eat with a group of temple volunteers the following Saturday after their shift.

That evening arrived and as we walked out of the temple, I learned the group consisted of her, her “ride”, myself and another man that she needed to pick up once at the restaurant.

In the parking lot I wrote my cell phone number on the back of an old receipt from her ride’s wallet in case we lost one another in the caravan to our destination.

Once there, she joined us at the table for maybe two minutes before she excused herself to pick up her friend.

I am now alone, sitting across from her ride.  Yes, it is C!

We ordered, talked and I was charming and witty :).  When she did return, 45 minutes later, her male counterpart was less than charming.  This enhanced C’s gentlemanly demeanor.

The evening ended late, we left the restaurant about midnight and my drive home was over an hour.

I was tired, but accustomed to the drive and hurried in when I got home.  I knew the morning hours would come quickly and the girls and I had 9 a.m. church.

That morning as I loaded K and M into the car, I noticed my phone had been left inside it for the night.  It was chirping at me because there was a voice mail.

It was C apologizing for keeping me out so late when I had such a long drive home.  I returned his call, thanked him for his concern and asked how he got my phone number, having forgotten I had given it to him.  Our conversation was brief and uneventful.

This story he claims as our first date.

I countered it by stating our mutual friend set the entire thing up and therefore it cannot be considered a date.

He looked at me and with a smile shared, for the FIRST time in 10 years, that he had arranged the entire evening and that our mutual friend was happy to help.

It is now obvious to me that he arranged it yet during that time of my life it was a challenge to have faith that a man would truly choose a divorced mother of two over so many other beautiful, child free women.

If you are wondering my “SCORE” moment…he never called.

I too must share that C still has the receipt with my very out dated cell phone number on it.  While I get on him about holding onto things for too long, this one makes me smile 🙂  I am one lucky lady!

So there you have it!  It is now in your hands…whose first date story would you claim as our true first date?