Be Still

by Lorinda Turley

Our home has few “still” moments and recently I have found my life to have even fewer.

I was grateful that this simple phrase “be still and know that I am God” came to my mind amid another hectic day. It nearly brought me to tears as I realized that over the past few weeks I really had not taken a moment to recognize God’s hand in my life.

Even with our daily family and personal prayers and scripture study.  As life moves forward at a rapid pace these simple actions of daily devotion can become routine vs. reverent.

It is in the reverent moments that my mind seeks to understand the Lord’s meaning in specific scriptures, thoughts or promptings. This is when I feel His love for me and know He is aware, understands and guides each step of my day.

I have failed to seek these reverent moments and allowed routine to take over. When the to-do lists get long, stressful moments take hold  and the unexpected happens I transition into my robot mode of life.

Robot mode allows me to carry-on, not feeling in moments of distress, simply doing to make it through.

My robot mode turned on recently, when at a medical clearance appointment for our little J, he was found to be in SVT, supra-ventricular-tachycardia.

We were the last appointment of the day therefore I only brought one extra child with me and K, our oldest, took care of the rest.

When the nurse took us back for vitals his heart rate was 211 and his oxygen saturation was 72. The nurse simply said that’s his normal, right?

I said no and her response was “I never remember what his normal is, Dr. Henry will be in shortly” and left the room.

As we waited for the doctor I kept my hand on his chest. His heart felt like it was going to burst right out of him. I am not a reactionary mom…robot mode, remember…I patiently waited for about twenty minutes when the doctor waived us back to her room.

Little J was behaving normally, so he walked back with E and me. Once in the room I told Dr. Henry his stats and said those are not his normal numbers. She agreed and asked if the nurse checked a second time, I said no. So she went to find the nurse and again we sat.

The doctor returned first and listened to his heart and said he is going really fast. I brought up his “history” of SVT and she concurred, he was in SVT.

This brings a helicopter from Children’s to our local hospital and a 48-hour admission as they administer his new medication.

What was the medical clearance in reference to; his TEETH!

Our little J does not do things on a small scale. On our “gotcha-day” in Nanchang, Jiangxi over two-years ago we recognized his tooth decay on several teeth, as well as a bed sore on his tail bone, little swollen bites all over his body, a huge scrap on his forehead and the red, puffy incision scar down his chest.

We had a mini first-aid kit with us and began to daily nurse all of his exterior sores and brush his teeth. Once back in the states our priority was to understand the anatomy of his heart, his teeth took the back seat.

His final open-heart surgery was completed in December 2013. Mid-2014 I began to explore his dental options. After a year of trying to get his teeth taken care of, we finally opted to go out of network, pay cash and use Children’s National Dental Clinic.

The best part is the Lord’s hand in it all.

His first complaint about tooth pain was three-weeks ago and today he had one tooth pulled, two baby root canals, five teeth crowned with stainless steel and his two front teeth crowned with white.

If my teeth were in that state, I would have complained a long time ago.  Yet the Lord, in His goodness, gave me time to get little J on the right path for dental care.

Next up, an ablation~burning the electrical connection in his heart that causes his SVT.